Beard Olympics sees men head to Germany to test the mettle of their facial hair

Iconique (Picture: Reuters)

Do you proudly wield a hefty amount of facial hair? Do you take meticulous care of your beard, and relish every opportunity to show it off?

Then the Beard Olympics and the German Beard Championships could be just the thing for you.

Held in Eging am See, in Lower Bavaria, the competitions see the proudly bearded flock to take part.

This year, 100 men came to test their facial hair mettle, with participants coming from Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Israel as well as Germany.

It was up to a panel of seven trained barbers and hairdressers to choose the winners across the multiple categories.

These included ‘Muscateer’, ‘Dali’ (as in Salvador Dali-inspired) and ‘Natural,’ for the beard connoisseurs who like to let their facial hair fly free.

Christian Feicht, from Germany, is the president of the East Bavarian Beard and Moustache Club (Picture: Reuters)
A participant and competitor Norbert Dopf from Austria (Picture: Reuters)
Norbert’s beard really set the bar high (Picture: Reuters)
Klaus Leible from Germany arrives at the competition (Picture: Reuters)

Christian Feicht, president of the host organisation, the East Bavarian Beard and Moustache Club, said the jury would assess the beards on mass, measuring length and density to choose their winners.

While he said the competition is overall a friendly event, he’s quoted in DPA International as saying the competitors have a ‘certain ambition and seriousness’.

Fritz Sendlhofer from Austria (Picture: Reuters)
Facial hair is a must, but flamboyance is a plus (Picture: Reuters)
There are multiple categories, including ‘Natural’ for those who don’t opt for elaborate styles (Picture: Reuters)
Christian Feich from Germany styles his beard (Picture: Reuters)
The concentration (Picture: Reuters)

‘Beard care is actually the most important thing,’ he said.

‘The more “material” you have, the more you have to style.’

The jury assesses beards based on length and density (Picture: Reuters)
Sharp enough to hurt somebody (Picture: Reuters)
You can also chow down between competitions (Picture: Reuters)
Fancy giving it a go? (Picture: Reuters)
That’s a lot of hair in one photograph (Picture: Reuters)

To join in with the German Beard Championships, participants needed to be a resident of Germany or a member of a relevant club.

Meanwhile, as the name suggests, people from all over the world were able take part in the Beard Olympics.

If you want to try your hand (and beard) at competing, there’s the 2023 World Beard and Moustache Championships is coming up in Auckland, New Zealand, taking place on Saturday February 25 that year.

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