Be careful what you wish for when it comes to Cards Against Humanity

(Picture: Kait Johnson/

The game is known for its boundary-pushing and bad taste card combinations, but it also provides hilariously OTT customer service.

When Cards Against Humanity released a special glitter bomb Pride edition, 21-year-old Kait Johnson from Massachusetts was one of the customers who rushed to order it.

However, she wasn’t quick enough to receive a pack with the added glitter, because the option to add glitter had already sold out online.

Kait then did what any self-respecting fan of the card game would do: she emailed customer services asking for ‘a sh*t tonne of glitter’.

Cards Against Humanity responded with a cryptic email from a customer services representative called Maria, saying: ‘Two things. Be careful what you wish for. Check your mailbox in about a week.’

They sent Kait an envelope filled with glitter, accompanied by a card reading: ‘Sorry we f***ed up! Love you.’

A couple of days later, a bigger envelope arrived, also filled with glitter.

You might think at this point that Kait’s longing for glitter had been well and truly satiated.

But no, Kait wanted more.

To celebrate Pride month in June, Cards Against Humanity released a special edition Pride pack with the option to add glitter (Picture: Kait Johnson/

She got in touch with the Cards Against Humanity customer service team again, asking them, ‘is that all you got?’

The company responded with another ominous message.

‘Sorry to have underwhelmed you. Thanks for the excuse to take this too far. Please continue to keep an eye out on your mailbox.’

Of course, even more glitter arrived. This time, it was an entire cardboard box filled with the sparkly stuff.

Kait had finally had her fill.

She emailed Cards Against Humanity, saying: ‘I haven’t seen the floor in days. Every time I think I’ve finally gotten rid of it all, a tiny bit more appears.

The motherload (Picture: Kait Johnson)

‘Then a tiny bit more and more. I’ve succumbed to eating a small bowl of glitter with milk in the hopes that I can just be rid of it all. Update: it hasn’t worked.’

Kait posted her glitter journey on Facebook where it’s been liked 39,000 times and shared 280,000 times. Her experience also prompted thousands of people to comment on Cards Against Humanity’s amazing approach to customer service.

One Facebook user called it: ‘Customer service at its finest’.

This isn’t the first time that Cards Against Humanity has used the US postal service to send… unusual parcels.

In March 2017, they bombarded the office of Senator Ron Johnson with thousands of potatoes.

The johnsonpotato website read: ‘Legally, we’re not allowed to call Senator Johnson a cruel idiot who doesn’t understand how health insurance works.

‘But we are allowed to mail thousands of potatoes to his office demanding that he listen to his constituents and hold a town hall meeting’.

Johnson faced backlash last year for saying that access to food, shelter and medicine should be considered a privilege for those who can afford it.

Whether Cards Against Humanity decides to use the mail to get involved in politics or troll customers in the future, one thing is certain.

Kait won’t run out of glitter for a really, really long time.

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