BCA introduces a new Vehicle Export Service for Republic of Ireland – Motor Trader

BCA has introduced a new one-stop Vehicle Export Service for its customers to help the post-Brexit additional workload for Republic of Ireland (ROI) buyers exporting from the UK.

The service handles all administration such as export and import declarations and improves cash flow by ensuring there is no need to pay import or UK VAT upfront.

In addition, BCA manages all door-to-door vehicle logistics for purchases, offering a 14-day delivery window that means ROI buyers can purchase stock safe in the knowledge that their vehicles will be delivered in a “timely and efficient manner.”

Stuart Pearson, BCA COO UK said: “We have been working with our buyers from the Republic of Ireland to make the vehicle export process easier and more efficient when buying from BCA.  Customers tell us that since Brexit, this process has become more complex, time-consuming and convoluted and BCA’s new Vehicle Export Service is proactively addressing these issues.

“This new service means our ROI customers don’t have to miss out on the wide range of stock available at BCA, while knowing that BCA is efficiently managing the paperwork in the background and ensuring swift delivery of all purchased vehicles from the UK to the Republic.  With BCA offering over 30,000 vehicles online every week in the UK at every price point, ROI buyers can continue to meet the needs of their retail customers by actively participating in the largest and most vibrant used vehicle marketplace in Europe.”


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