Battersea reveals the most popular cat and dog names of 2020

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If you’re adopting a pet and want to steer clear of the confusion of other dog owners yelling your pooch’s name in the park, you might want to avoid the names on this list.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has rounded up the most popular names of all the pets that came through their doors in 2020, so you can either draw inspiration or know which common names to skip.

After all, it’s always a bit jarring to hear your neighbours talking to their cat but saying your cat’s name.

Classic names came out on top this year, with Bella, Charley/Charlie, and Lola among the top ten, just as they were in 2018 and 2017.

Top cat and dog names for 2020:

  1. Bella
  2. Lola
  3. Charlie/Charley
  4. Teddy/Teddie
  5. Daisy/Daizy
  6. Lili/Lillie/Lily
  7. Poppy
  8. Coco
  9. Milo
  10. Rosie

That list lines up pretty closely with Pets At Home’s findings earlier this year, which saw Luna, Bella, and Poppy topping the list for both cats and dogs.

Pets at Home’s top 20 cat names in 2020

  1. Luna
  2. Bella
  3. Poppy
  4. Charlie
  5. Lola
  6. Milo
  7. Molly
  8. Daisy
  9. Oscar
  10. Millie
  11. Tilly
  12. Willow
  13. Alfie
  14. Simba
  15. Smudge
  16. Gizmo
  17. Coco
  18. Rose
  19. Tigger
  20. Misty

Pets at Home’s top dog names for 2020:

  1. Bella
  2. Poppy
  3. Lola
  4. Alfie
  5. Charlie
  6. Baily
  7. Max
  8. Daisy
  9. Buddy
  10. Molly
  11. Teddy
  12. Ruby
  13. Luna
  14. Milo
  15. Oscar
  16. Millie
  17. Rosie
  18. Archie
  19. Coco
  20. Toby

Not everyone stuck to the old regulars, though.

Battersea staff also revealed some of the more unusual names of pets who entered their doors this year.

There was Balthazar the kitten, Audrey Hepburn the cat, and pets named Dali, Berlioz, and Beyoncé.

Meet Beyoncé (Picture: Battersea)

Rebecca Lodder, Battersea Rehoming and Welfare Manager says: ‘We take in thousands of animals every year, and we definitely notice certain trends with pet names.

‘At the moment the most popular names are very traditional and tend to be just two syllables, making it easy to call them to us for a fuss!”

‘Regardless of the names of our dogs and cats, whether they be traditional or a one-off, each and every rescue animal has their own unique personality, which we celebrate here at Battersea.’

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