Bangernomics best buys: Volvo V70

Idol Fancy: Alfa Romeo Brera, 2006-2012

This is the Alfa Romeo coupé with a glamorous name that’s very big on value. It’s good to drive and easy to own but still a legit Italian legend that will entertain and deliver you to your destination in some real style. All it needs is a proper history.

The entry-level 2.2-litre four-pot develops 185bhp. It sounds good, too, thanks to a trick exhaust. What you really want, though, is the 3.2 for added drama. Most of all these are bargains.

Dodge the spares or repairs costing around a grand. From £2500, you will get a 2006 2.2 petrol with just over 100,000 miles. It will have had a few owners but ought to come with a full MOT. Around £4000 gets you a decent JTD with a full MOT and it will deliver just over 40mpg. To get your backside into a V6 3.2, you will have to dig into your balance to the tune of £7995. The mileage will be just below six figures and it will have a reassuring dealer warranty.

It is, of course, an Alfa, so best to check that it has a full complement of electrics. Avoid the complicated Selespeed and note that gearbox bearings and the timing belt might need to be replaced at 100k miles.

The Clio is a wonderful example of a supermini for the masses. Well, they all should be, but this is a pretty tough, practical and economical nugget, and the 2001-2005 model is the current cheapie sweet spot. And it’s hard not to love those huge headlights.


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