Backstreet Boys’ Kevin Richardson tweets about ‘losing friend to QAnon’ after Brian Littrell sets up Parler account

Kevin and Brian are cousins as well as bandmate (Picture: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Kevin Richardson has hinted at a divide in the Backstreet Boys after posting about ‘losing a friend to QAnon’.

Fans of the band believe that a rift has come between bandmates and cousins Kevin and Brian Littrell, due to the latter’s support of President Donald Trump

On January 9, the day that Twitter banned Trump due to further risk of incitement of violence following the riots at the Capitol, Brian tweeted that he announced he had joined Parler, a social media platform favoured by far-right figures.

The 45-year-old tweeted a link to his page and wrote: ‘BTLittrell come find me… hahah like where’s Waldo.’

While there is no evidence that Brian was subscribing to far-right conspiracy theories, the timing of him joining Parler after Trump’s ban caused outrage among fans.

One person tweeted: ‘If you support this absurdity, I can’t support you. Love the other guys but, as an immigrant women, I feel personally attacked and disrespected’, while another delivered a BSB pun, writing: ‘We’re all about to show you the meaning of being lonely.’

Fans began speculating that Brian’s political leanings were causing issues within the band when Kevin, 49, shared the link to a Cosmopolitan article about a woman severing ties with one of her best friends due to her obsession with QAnon conspiracy theories. 

The singer – whose mother is the sister of Brian’s father – tweeted: ‘Interesting read…’ followed by the eyes emoji, a peace sign and a heart.

Kevin also shared another Cosmo link titled ‘The Unlikely Connection Between Wellness Influencers and the Pro-Trump Rioters’, and wrote: ‘Another interesting read.’

While Kevin did not mention his cousin, people suggested he was talking about Brian, with one reply reading: ‘I was a hardcore Brian girl, but now I’m unable to support him. I had to unfollow him on everything.’

Over the past week, Kevin has been denouncing the violence at the Capitol and liked a number of anti-Trump posts.

Brian has publicly supported Trump, while his bandmates have not (Picture: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Brian, however, did not appear to address the riots on his social media pages. 

Parler has since been removed from Apple and Google Play stores, and is now offline after Amazon Web Services discontinued hosting it. 

The self-styled ‘free speech’ platform – favoured by far-right figures, conspiracy theorists and QAnon supporters – was taken down by Amazon for failing to moderate violent content, and Parler has now filed a lawsuit against Amazon, claiming it did not provide proof that the platform was used to incite and organise the January 6 US Capitol siege.

Brian has openly supported Trump in the past, and in 2017, he expressed his disappointment that the Backstreet Boys were unable to perform at Trump’s inauguration.

He told TMZ: ‘Hollywood needs to chill out, all right? You’re talking about the commander-in-chief, right? We’re talking about respect.’

As for the other members of the Backstreet Boys, AJ McLean has publicly celebrated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s election win.

Nick Carter did not reveal who he voted for in the election but in 2016, said that Democrat Bernie Sanders ‘made a lot of sense’, and Howie Dorough also didn’t comment on who he voted for but urged fans to vote.

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