Back-to-school shopping is retail's holiday season of the summer

Back-to-school shopping is retail's holiday season of the summer

If Prime Day and similar mid-July flash savings events are the new
Black Friday in July, that would make the back-to-school shopping
season the summer equivalent of December holiday shopping.

Data from the NRF projects back-to-school spending to reach 80.7
billion dollars, and clothing and accessories top the list of expenses
for children.

Retail analyst Edited noted that the back-to-school season does not
have a clearly defined start or end date. While June and September
have stood out as peak times for new product arrivals in
back-to-school categories, July eclipsed June in arrivals by 36
percent last year.

As such, Edited reported that Prime Day is becoming an incentive
for retailers to deliver on time for back-to-school sales. Several Amazon competitors offered alternative sales
events in mid-July this year to contend with Prime Day
and as
a result, parents choosing to shop for back-to-school items in July
over June and September.

Athleisure is the best performing back-to-school apparel category

According to Edited’s research, parents and children alike are
opting for comfort and function, making athleisure the top selling
category for back-to-school clothing. Top products include
sweatshirts, track pants and sneakers.

Additionally, gender fluid clothing options are gaining traction,
as childrenswear dubbed as “unisex” has increased by 870 percent year
over year in the U.S. market.

Photo: Pixabay


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