Autocar confidential: Volkswagen plans wireless updates, Audi gives us the heads-up and more

In this week’s wander through the backstage area of motoring, we find out why Hyundai engineers need to get off the bus, how Audi’s changing cockpit design, and more. 

VW’s breath of fresh air

Volkswagen’s ID range of electric cars have been designed to be upgradable during their lifespan but, while over-the-air remote updates are possible, VW sales boss Jürgen Stackmann says such upgrades will probably be done at a dealer to begin with. “We need to be absolutely sure of [over-the-air upgrades],” he said. “We are not a start-up company, so we can’t take those risks.” 

The future of Audi’s dash design

Audi’s signature Virtual Cockpit will eventually be replaced by an augmented head-up display and voice control, according to design boss Marc Lichte. Hinted at on the Q4 E-tron concept, which will make production in 2021, Lichte said: “Virtual Cockpit will become much smaller and we will have an augmented head-up display. Maybe in 10 years we’ll have less displays because HUD will control everything by voice.”


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