Australian Shepherd gains fans across the world thanks to his different coloured eyes

Chase has heterochromia iridium and has two different colour eyes (Picture: Brittany Uniacke/Splitpics UK)

Chase the Australian Shepherd has the condition heterochromia iridium which means his eyes are different colours.

His rare trait led Brittany Uniacke, 35, husband Brendan, 40, and their four children to choose to take him home.

Now, his eyes attract attention from people all over the world.

Brittany, from San Francisco, California, USA, said: ‘There is complete heterochromia, which Chase has, which means one eye is a completely different colour than the other eye. And there is partial heterochromia, which means the same eye contains different colours.

‘Many people ask me if he is blind in his blue eye, but he isn’t and can see fine out of both his eyes.

‘They also ask if he is deaf, but he is not and this eye condition is common in Australian Shepherds, especially the merle colours.

‘Two merles should not be bred together, though. Some breeders do this thinking it will produce merle puppies with beautiful heterochromia eyes but unfortunately it usually causes blindness or deafness, or both, in puppies.’

Chase has fans across the world (Picture: Brittany Uniacke/Splitpics UK)

Chase’s mother was a blue merle, and his father was a red tricolour, like him.

People often think David Bowie had the same condition and ask if Chase is named after him but the musician actually had two different-sized pupils, not different coloured eyes.

Chase got his name thanks to a character in Paw Patrol, a show her kids love.

Brittany with Chase the dog with different colour eyes (Picture: Brittany Uniacke/Splitpics UK)

She said: ‘The kids had no idea we were getting a puppy. When I got home, I introduced my husband to Chase outside.

‘Then we tied a big blue bow on his collar, laid him down on some blankets in the laundry basket and carried him inside.

‘The kids were playing so we put the basket down and called out for them to help us with folding the laundry. When they peeked inside the basket, they got a major surprise.

‘All of them squealed with joy and asked if they could pet him and if we could keep him. Best. Surprise. Ever.’

Chase as a puppy (Picture: Brittany Uniacke/Splitpics UK)

Brittany loves sharing snaps of him online and she gets fans messaging her from all over the world.

She said: ‘I get private messages from Brazil, Sweden, Italy and elsewhere, telling me how much they look forward to his posts every day.

‘It is fascinating to the psychology major in me to see how our family dog can not only brighten our day, but thousands of other people’s day.

Brittany’s daughter Hailey (10 months) with Chase (Picture: Brittany Uniacke/Splitpics UK)

‘It’s been wonderful, especially during this pandemic. I’m very grateful for all the messages we receive from his followers.’

Brittany said when Chase isn’t busy entertaining the world with his gorgeous looks, he likes to enjoy down time playing with the children.

She said: ‘Chase is very serious, which is the opposite of my previous Australian Shepherd. I think part of that is just his natural disposition and the other part is that he is so invested in my children.

‘He acts as though it is his duty to keep them safe and entertained all day. He absolutely loves to run around with them in our yard.

‘In fact, one of his favourite games to play is when we give my six and eight-year-old a running head start and then let Chase go to catch up with them.

‘We do this over and over again.’

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