Australian budget reaction updates: Coalition punts on business for Covid recovery – politics live

Well, the budget itself says that there’s going to be a trillion dollars of debt but 160,000 people will join the unemployment queue between now and Christmas. And then once again, just as we saw with previous government measures, people being left behind, there’ll be more people left behind or held back by the budget.

There’s no plan for women’s workforce participation in this budget, there’s in no plan for climate change, and if you’re over 35, first of all, you have had your JobKeeper cut, you’ll get your JobKeeper removed or wage subsidies removed in March, unemployment benefits will go back to being $40 a day, pushing people into poverty, and then you’ll have to compete against other people trying to – trying to get back into the workforce when others are subsidised but if you’re over 35 you get nothing. You get thrown on the scrap heap.

…We’ll support the tax cuts. We called for states for the tax cuts to be brought forward, but I got to say, this is a Government that doesn’t like scrutiny. This is a Government that doesn’t like accountability. There’s a reason why we have the budget on Tuesday night every year, we had the budget reply on the Thursday night which is the commencement of debate on budget measures. That’s what’s happened every year. That’s the way our Parliamentary democracy works.


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