Australia summer quiz #4: how much can you remember about 2020?

We adjusted to exciting new concepts, such as ‘Leppington Triangle’. Test your memory of the past 12 months with our five daily quizzes

What is the title of Jimmy Barnes’ newest memoir?

Good Times

Killing Time

Too Much Ain’t Enough

Working Class Grandpa

In May, federal treasury was forced to announce a significant correction in its forecast for how much would be spent on the jobkeeper wage subsidy. How big was the revision?





Which Australian politician referred to Adolf Hitler, Tamerlane, Stalin, Lech Wałęsa, Galileo, Michelangelo, Pope John Paul II and Christopher Columbus, among others, in his joyful Christmas message?

George Christensen

Craig Kelly

Bob Katter

Barnaby Joyce

A pair of chicks preparing to leave their nest on a city centre skyscraper captivated Melbourne during the city’s long lockdown. What species were they?

Peregrine falcons

Powerful owls

White-bellied sea eagles

Wedge-tailed eagles

In what month of this cursed and eternal year did Kim Kardashian West’s deceased father appear to her via hologram?





Which of these Australian parliamentarians did not welcome a baby during 2020?

Ed Husic

Kate Thwaites

Matt Keogh

Anika Wells

Which of the following dinosaurs was discovered in Australia for the first time in 2020?

Which Australian government agency posted mysteriously on Twitter: “Hi internet. We thought it would be fun if you followed us for a change.”

Australian federal police


Australian Taxation Office

Australian Border Force

Which national sport chief executive did not lose their job this year?

Todd Greenberg

James Johnson

Raelene Castle

Kevin Roberts

Who launched a new booze label in Australia this year?

Tina Arena

Kylie Minogue

Kyle Sandilands

Neil Finn

Which reviled historical figure caused a stir with an appearance as a cardboard cutout at an NRL game in May?

Adolf Hitler

Harold Shipman

Pol Pot

Ivan Milat

What was the name of the sellers of the parcel of land at the “Leppington Triangle” – a transaction criticised by the commonwealth auditor general?

Leppington Dairy Foods

Bringelly Golf Courses

Leppington Pastoral Company

Bringelly Koi Farm

The micronation known as the Principality of Hutt River announced in August that it would be dissolving itself and officially rejoining Australia as a result of the pandemic. Which state or territory will it (still) be in?

Western Australia

Northern Territory

South Australia


At Easter, Dominic Cummings, the former adviser to the British prime minister Boris Johnson, travelled to Barnard Castle in England’s north-east, sparking controversy over whether he had breached lockdown laws. Why did he say he visited the castle?

It was his son’s birthday

He wanted to test his eyesight

To celebrate his wedding anniversary

To test-drive a new car

Which of the following photographs of Bondi Beach was taken in November 2020?

Which of these is Don Farrell’s shadow portfolio?



Special minister of state


National Public Radio in the US sparked consternation in Australia by ruling that a very odd pronunciation of the name one of our native animals was acceptable. Which one?





During the vice-presidential debate, how long did a fly sit on Mike Pence’s head?

2 mins 7 secs

2 mins 14 seconds

2 mins 3 secs

2 mins 32 seconds

In September a meteorite crater 5km in diameter was discovered north-west of Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia. How old was it believed to be?

100,000 years

1 million years

10 million years

100 million years

An individual specimen of one of these houseplants sold for more than $NZ8,000 ($A7,500) in New Zealand in September. Which one?

20 and above.

19 and above.

18 and above.

17 and above.

16 and above.

15 and above.

14 and above.

13 and above.

12 and above.

11 and above.

10 and above.

9 and above.

8 and above.

7 and above.

6 and above.

5 and above.

4 and above.

3 and above.

2 and above.

0 and above.

1 and above.

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