Australia politics live: questions surround timing of AFP decision to notify Dutton of alleged rape

As you know, the Australian federal police re-engaged with Brittany, or Brittany re-engaged with the Australian federal police on 5 February.

The sensitive investigation board met on the morning of 11 February, and they made a decision that the investigation was sensitive.

And at that stage, as you’re aware, the protocols provide that the Australian federal police commissioner then informs me, which he did on the morning of 11 February.

I took a decision at that time that I wasn’t going to inform the prime minister because this was an operational matter.

And I have a special responsibility, as the minister for the Australian federal police, to receive briefings, as I do on a regular basis, from the commissioner.

I don’t instruct him how to conduct his investigations, I don’t impede his investigations, I don’t seek to influence his investigations.

As has been the case for my predecessors, and that’s obviously entirely appropriate. I formed a judgment that I was not going to provide that information or disclose the information, which the commissioner had provided to me, I must say, at a high level, more around the process than the detail of the alleged offence.

On the 12th, the following day, though, there were media inquiries that came into the government.

And I formed the judgment at that stage that my chief of staff should inform the prime minister’s office, which took place. And that’s what happened on the 12th.


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