Australia news live updates: Victoria records 1,275 new Covid cases and four deaths, NSW reports 176 and two deaths

You can express a view in this country without dragging around gallows and noose and calling for premiers to be hanged. I condemn without reservation, without qualification, the violent threats being made here, even if the prime minister won’t.

We live in a society, and that means we have obligations to each other to try to tame this virus, to look out for each other, to protect each other, to try to keep each other safe and what the prime minister is trying to do is trying to divide us, trying to diminish that collective effort and undermine all of the good and all of the progress that Australians have made together. He does that with this dangerous dog whistling double-speak that we see from him. He does it by claiming credit for high vaccination rates without taking responsibility for the measures that are necessary to get those rates up.

And I think what is especially troubling to mainstream Australia is the rest of us see the kind of violent politics that have emerged in the United States in the last couple of years, and we want to reject it, and the prime minister seems to want to embrace those kind of violent views and violent threats. And so I think the country is crying out for leadership and they are not getting it from this prime minister, and if he wants to keep playing this dangerous game with dangerous consequences, then the country doesn’t just have an opportunity to throw him out at the election, they have an obligation to do that.


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