Australia news live updates: Pfizer boosters approved for teenagers; calls for people to get third dose as 100,000 shots not taken up in NSW

I think a number of issues, not least the period where the federal government and TGA were telling us that we could have the booster five months after we had had our second shot, then it moved to four months, then it moved to three months, I think that has been very confusing for most people. And I think generally the understanding, of course, on one interpretation the virus certainly is less dangerous than Delta, but on sheer numbers, because of its transmissibility, it transmits so easily, then we have vast numbers of people who are obviously getting it, and therefore more people who are ending up – or at least a reasonable number of people who are ending up passing away and also ending up in hospital. In one sense it is less severe and in another, because of the total numbers it is quite severe.


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