Australia news live update: Victoria records 1,312 Covid cases, five deaths; 403 cases and one death in NSW; Sydney boat party Omicron fears

I think she was an outstanding premier. I think she was an outstanding Treasurer and an outstanding transport minister. And she has been one of the strong female leaders in our country and so do I think that she has more to offer to Australia in that regard? Of course, I do.

If she wished to put herself forward, of course I would welcome her. That’s simply the point that I have made. That’s a decision for Gladys ultimately and she may choose not to go ahead here, I suspect. That’s a matter for her, and I respect her choice.

But when the issue was considered, do I think that she would make continued strong contribution? Of course, I do. I think people right across New South Wales would agree with that. I don’t find it surprising, I don’t find it surprising at all that if you had someone of Gladys Berejiklian’s calibre wishing to go forward, that I in any way wouldn’t be anything other than welcoming of that.

But if she doesn’t wish to, I equally respect that decision. I know it’s been a very difficult time for her in recent times. She has suffered terribly in terms of things that have been aired publicly and I think that was – that was just awful, awful to watch, terrible. And so I can totally respect that if she didn’t want to go ahead, then that would be totally her choice about what she wants to do and the contribution she wants to make going forward.


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