Australia news live update: Scott Morrison to unveil details of 2050 net-zero emissions plan

Happy Tuesday, the third last parliamentary Tuesday of the year.

I know. It feels like a decade to me too.

Today, we’ll get to see some of the government’s climate plan. We won’t get all of the details on the deal struck with the Nationals though – that’s considered cabinet in confidence. Basically, taxpayer money will be spent to ensure the junior Coalition partner doesn’t blow up the show on the barest of minimum commitments, which they are supporting as long as there are no major changes. In the meantime, we hear things from them about how solar panels don’t work in the dark (no, but batteries do) and even (from Anne Webster yesterday) that windfarms don’t work in the dark either.

(It must have been the mythical magic wind that brought down a gum tree branch in front of my house overnight. Obviously there is no other explanation.)

And of course, LNP senator Matt Canavan is having the time of his life trotting out why he thinks the net-zero emissions target in 30 years time is a green fantasy and potentially the end of civilisation. Are those Nats who are on board with net-zero worried about his views and how often he is sprouting them? No. Of course not. His deputy leader, David Littleproud, thinks Canavan has a “big” future in the National party.

So today, we’ll see Scott Morrison’s latest victory lap, as he explains Australia is now joining where most of rest of the world was headed in 2015. As for a more ambitious target for 2030? Lols. That’s not happening under this government.

Meanwhile, estimates continues where the $10,000 spent on training the trainers on how to handle the hearings appears to have resulted in every second question being taken on notice, which means we find out nothing. While the questions are eventually answered through a written statement submitted weeks later, there is no opportunity for follow up. It’s resulted in less scrutiny and chance of discovery. It’s a problem which has been creeping into the hearings for a number of years now, but it’s beginning to become a joke.

We’ll still bring you everything that happens as it does though, along with the major Covid announcements and of course you will have immediate context around all of the climate announcements. Who’s excited? (Obviously that’s rhetorical.)

Mike Bowers is with you, as is Katharine Murphy, Paul Karp, Daniel Hurst and Sarah Martin.

It being parliament, you have me, Amy Remeikis, with you for most of the day. I’m about to make coffee No 3. Join me?


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