Australia news live: Sydney city stores added to NSW Covid-19 hotspots list as mayors protest against New Year's Eve rules

They are threatening Taiwan every day of the week, they’re interfering in Japanese airspace, they have stolen the South China Sea, contrary to any international rules and laws.

They are picking fights with their neighbours around the world and they have extraordinary military capability, not just in rocketry and aircraft but in overall capability to do things.

They are primed for war and the other problem of course is that America as well is primed for war. So the possibility of this war occurring by a legitimate reason such as a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, which might have been some kind of reaction from the US and from us, and from the other good nations in the region, or by accident, is fairly high.

This is likely to be a war which requires the entire nation to defend this nation. As I said, we are likely to be collateral damage in a war between China and the US but we have got to prepare for it and the first step is not to make anything bigger or smaller or put more money into anything, it is to come up with a strategy for national security across the entire nation.”


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