Australia live news updates: Pfizer provisionally approved for five to 11-year-olds; Bandt staffer tests positive for Covid

It has extensively been clinically tested. It was tested in a trial of almost 2,500 children aged five to 11, and in the trial over 1,500 received vaccine. The response of the body, the immune response, was identical to that in young adults.

More recently, there have actually been results published in one of the world’s top three medical journals, the New England Journal of Medicine. In that journal the result showed that 91% vaccine efficacy. Efficacy is essentially the same in adults as it is in this group, so we are confident the performance. There were no safety signals, as we call them, no safety problems identified in those trials. The children had some of the same things that adults get, tiredness, sore arms, headache and so forth, but these tended to be brief and fairly short lived. We are confident in the safety of this.


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