Australia live news update: NSW education minister says teacher strike ‘incredibly disingenuous’; ombudsman labels Victoria border permit system ‘inhumane’

Today across New South Wales we’re seeing over 350 schools closed. So students who need to be at school, those who have really challenging family circumstances, aren’t able to be at school today because of this action taken by the union.

In a single day, the union has caused more disruption to our public education system than we’ve seen due to Covid throughout the entirety of this term.

We remain willing to negotiate. We are still at the table when it comes to our 2.5% pay rise. We’re working through those issues in the IRC. That’s where these matters should be debated and discussed and ruled on, not through industrial action.

I’m disappointed and I’m frustrated on behalf of parents, the hundreds of thousands of parents impacted by this decision today, the parents who can’t go to work today because their children can’t go to school.

It’s incredibly unfair, it’s incredibly disingenuous from the union and now is the time to put the interests of our students first. We need to make sure our kids are in the classroom, each and every day, but particularly this year, when we’ve seen what is arguably the most disrupted year in education in our history.


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