Australia Covid updates live: Melbourne braces for a third day of protests, Qld shuts border to Tweed and Byron

Protesters warned to stay at home after 62 people arrested for demonstrating against mandatory vaccinations and lockdown. Follow all the day’s news

10.33pm BST

Speaking of CFMEU Victorian construction secretary John Setka, he has just told ABC News Breakfast that construction workers involved in the violent protests over the last two days will be punished.

We’re still trawling through all the Facebook footage for all the footage that we have, of our building. Let me tell you, people who were involved in the violent protest, they may as well go pick fruit in Mildura. We don’t need that. We don’t need drunken morons who think by throwing bottles at people, it’s a good way to protest. They can go pick fruit….

My advice to [people returning to demonstrate] would be to not take part in the protest today. It’s been hijacked by extreme groups, extremist groups. And it doesn’t really sort – it’s not our values. I mean, we’re shut out now because of this morons. We have 300,000 people sitting at home that should’ve been working otherwise.

Look, obviously, there were construction workers there. I do concede that yes. And unfortunately, there is some CFMEU members there.

I understand people have a right to protest. But there’s a way to protest and there’s a time to protest. But we’re in a pandemic at the moment. I mean, we as a union would like to protest about certain things, but we haven’t been able to since this pandemic started. So, you know, you’ve got to give up a few things.

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10.22pm BST

Good morning everyone, I hope you are well and are ready and raring to go for a full day of news. It’s Matilda Boseley here, let’s jump in.

First things first, I have some bad news for Melbourne folk: a third day of demonstrations over mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for the construction industry is planned for the CBD today.

I implore you to stay home … Our tactics tomorrow will be different.

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