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In terms of this weekend, we have spoken a lot about double demerits and traffic enforcement will continue.

We’ll be watching the north coast very carefully, particularly those border towns.

We’ve pushed additional police resources up there. But in preparation, we’ve been going through the caravan parks and other holiday spots to make sure we don’t have visitors here.

Anyone who has been here, who shouldn’t be, has been warned.

From Friday onwards, we’ll be issuing tickets, particularly for those not from New South Wales.

Be clear we’ll reach a point when the warnings will be over.

We’ll protect our border towns and we’ll protect our coastal areas during this busy period.

Tickets have been issued again overnight. 24 for non-isolation issues, and many of those are tagged with other criminal behaviours.

But again, there’s been plenty of warnings about the long weekend and we would ask you listen to the warnings.

This is coming from the communities themselves. Up to date we have 5,000 Crime Stoppers reports in relation to people flouting the laws.

From my perspective, that means the community are well behind us on this journey.


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