Audi Q4 E-tron 2021 long-term review

It will be fascinating to see over an extended ownership period the hidden depths of high-quality appeal that this Audi EV (surely) has to offer. That’s all to come, though. As for first impressions, I would agree that the interior feels a bit plasticky in places once you get past the initial wow factor of all the glossy screens, yet on the move the Q4 E-tron is as quiet and refined a family car as they come. It’s not one to set the pulse racing, but rather soothe and cosset those on board.

I would expect the issue of range to be a footnote to this long-term test, at least in all but the coldest months, as a figure well in excess of 300 miles is entirely achievable. I can’t think of any journey I’ve done in the past couple of years that would have given me range anxiety in a Q4 E-tron.

Perhaps those early high points are premium qualities in itself: the Q4 E-tron seems a car that leaves you nothing to worry about, removing the fears that prevent some from switching to electric motoring. Once it has allayed those fears, can the Q4 E-tron offer enough elsewhere to leave a lasting special feeling, and justify the extra cost of a smaller premium car that has so much in common with its peers? That and lots more will be revealed in the months to come.

Second Opinion

The Q4 doesn’t seem a comfortable fit for Audi, whether you’re a modern convert to the brand attracted by strong design or remember when these cars really did represent ‘progress through technology’. For me, Audi needed to do more than just present a refined, practical, usable family EV to really stand out. Let’s see if Mark finds hidden depths.

Matt Saunders

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Audi Q4 E-tron 450 Sport specification

Specs: Price New £44,990 Price as tested £52,685 Options Technology Pack £1200, Matrix LED headlights £1075, Assistance Package Plus £1000, suspension with damper control £950, 20in 5-Y-spoke graphite alloy wheels £660, Safety Package Plus £650, Navarra Blue metallic paint £575, privacy glass £375, Function Package £325, flat-top-and-bottom twin-spoke leather steering wheel with paddles £285, Ambient Lighting Pack £250, inlay in aluminium convergence £225, acoustic glazing for front doors £215


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