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AFTV regular DT releases grovelling statement

Arsenal Fan TV regular DT – real name Liam Goodenough – has released a statement after being jailed for three years for stalking, kidnapping and assaulting an ex-girlfriend.

Goodenough was originally sentenced to 12 months imprisonment at a court hearing on November 12.

But this was referred onto the the Court of Appeal under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme, and they have extended it to three years.

His statement posted on social media read: “I know a lot of you would have seen the news about me this week and I know I have let a lot of you down but there are always two sides to a story and mine will be told in good time.

“After months of receiving help and guidance I now know I was suffering from a mental breakdown and on that night I simply snapped.

“This is not me condoning my actions I am just trying to paint a picture of what was going on in my life at that time. All I ask from everyone is that you read the key parts of the report and not the sensationalised headline.

“I cannot apologise enough to my ex-partner for putting her through this. An eight year relationship will now be remembered for nine minutes of madness and I will forever be sorry for it.

“I have also heard about a statement that’s been released from someone that I called a friend, again I will address this and its content in due course too!

“I’m sorry for letting you all down, I do not deserve anything from anyone but just know I am sorry.

“Take care and see you in a few years. DT.”


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