ARK Survival Evolved UPDATE: PS4 and Xbox One patch notes news and Valguero latest

A new ARK Survival Evolved update is out today on PS4 and Xbox One, along with some very short patch notes.

Studio Wildcard confirmed that a new network client would be launched following maintenance today, telling fans:

“Survivors, at approximately 10AM PST, we will begin updating and redeploying our Xbox and PS4 Official Network.

“A client restart will be required to rejoin the network after deploy.”

And it looks like the new ARK patch has been launched by Studio Wildcard to combat some recent in-game issues.

According to the short patch notes released today, no new content has been made available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Much of today’s changes are based around making the new HLN-A Companion work properly.

This includes cutting down on bugfixes which left the Genesis addition unusable.

As mentioned above, the patch notes shared today are very short but it appears that more information could be added at a later date.

For now, here’s what we know is included in today’s ARK Survival Evolved update:

  • Misc. HLNA polish
  • HLNA now works with Tek Gauntlets
  • Fixed issue with Fire Wyverns not spawning

Studio Wildcard has also promised that a new patch for the Valguero map will be be released this week.

It’s unclear if this includes today’s ARK update, or if another will be launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

More information from Studio Wildcard on the subject of future changes can be found below:

Misc Valguero Issues – There are some misc. Issues related to Valguero (wyverns, etc.) that will be patched this week. Patch notes with specific details will be updated before the patch going live.

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Duping and Exploits – The enforcement team is actively taking action on tickets and issues that involve game exploits (duping, meshing, etc.). Please refresh yourself on the Code of Conduct for the Official Network to prevent any action being taken against your tribe.

PVE Tribe Warfare System – There has been an increase in abuse and enforcement tickets stemming from the tribe warfare system. To prevent further abuse, we will be disabling the Tribe Warfare system on Thursday 8/22.

Classic PvP – Preparation is still underway for a new season in Classic PvP. We look forward to sharing more details on what to expect soon!

Modding Sponsorships

  • Mod Program applications will be opening up again on September 1st!
  • This will be the last application period of the year, so make sure to get your projects in.

It follows the exciting news that a second season pass is being released later this year for ARK Survival Evolved, which included new story content and the unique Genesis map.



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