Are the COSRX Acne Master Pimple Patch spot dots worth the faff?

The little dots are pretty much invisible (Picture: skinsider)

Like death and taxes, pimples are an inevitable thing in this world.

From toothpaste to Sudocrem, everybody has some sort of remedy for pesky spots, but some of these can be drying or aggravating on the skin.

Along with the spot treatments we were marketed as teenagers that didn’t nothing but scrub our epidermis clean off, we’re in need of a hero.

According to beauty bloggers – and the Teen Vogue Beauty Awards 2017 – that saviour comes in the form of tiny little transparent patches.

This week, we decided to try them out for Is It Worth the Faff? And thankfully I had a fresh spot to use them on.

What are the COSRX Acne Master Pimple Patches?

These tiny circles are hydrocolloid dressings. Basically the same thing as the blister plasters you can get to save your feet from heels and rubbing shoes.

When you get a spot, pop the dressing on there and leave overnight.

The idea is that the patch absorbs moisture from the pimple without drying the surrounding skin – and also stops you from picking and touching the affected area.

They cost between £4 and £5 depending on where you get them, and there are 24 patches of varying sizes.

(Picture: Jessica Lindsay)

Alternatively, the brand do even more invisible ones to wear under makeup or larger, oval ones that are better suited to body acne.

Other brands on the market include ZitSticka, Dots for Spots, and Starface (with some of them having different features like microdarts to penetrate the skin’s surface).

Faff involved

Basically none whatsoever. When you see the spot brewing, just take the corresponding-sized patch and put it onto your freshly-cleansed skin.

Then leave it on overnight and let it do its magic.

The only thing I’d even say was the smallest (with a very small s) inconvenience here is making sure you don’t get them stuck to your fingers as they are almost invisible.

If you’re having that problem, you can use a set of tweezers.

What my boyfriend thought was a drop of drool (Picture: Jessica Lindsay)

The results?

In my personal experience, the best way to make a spot hang around long after it’s outstayed its welcome is to touch it.

Although the best way around this is to simply not do that, it’s a lot easier said than done, which is why these are so handy.

They’re nearly undetectable on the face – until they start absorbing the moisture and become more opaque. In my case, this meant my boyfriend asking me if I had a bit of dribble on my chin, but that’s just a standard day for me so no harm no foul.

The spot itself hasn’t disappeared in the eight hours I wore the patch, but it feels less angry. It’s also come out more, which likely means it’s going in the right direction (aka getting gone).

Despite not looking all that different, the whitehead of the spot has come out more in the after photo, (right) which definitely means it should be gone tomorrow

Are these spot dots worth the faff?

They aren’t expensive and stop you from picking and popping spots, which make them a winner in my book.

Due to hormones and genetics, no matter how great our skincare routines are we’ll all fall victim to the odd zit at some point, so this is a great chemical-free way to protect and gradually remove them.

Toothpaste is officially only for teeth from now on.

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