Apprentice's Ryan-Mark rushed to hospital after dropping £1k of caviar on his foot

Star of The Apprentice Ryan-Mark Parsons had to be rushed to hospital after dropping £1,000 worth of caviar on his foot.

In one of the poshest accidents ever recorded in the history of humankind, the 19-year-old reality star needed an operation after dropping the rare delicacy on his big toe.

A friend of the luxury womenswear consultant revealed he’s been recovering ever since – but sadly without his fishy egg treat.

“Ryan-Mark was rushed to hospital yesterday after dropping a jar of caviar on his foot,” said the pal.

Ryan-Mark had to be rushed to hospital

He dropped the fishy treat on his foot

“It was only a little jar but it was made of thick glass and fell from a real height.

“He literally couldn’t walk and blood was everywhere.”

The insider went on: “Ryan-Mark was devastated, not because he thought he had broken his foot, but because it was a kilo of Royal Oscietra Caviar, which costs over £1,000 a jar.”

Not a fan of the five-second rule, then.

“He had to have X-rays and an operation under local anaesthetic,” the pal added.

Ryan-Mark needed an operation

He had to have his toe-nail removed

Fear not, we managed to get hold of Ryan-Mark, who no doubt has already asked Santa for a replacement jar this Christmas.

“Thankfully I’ve not broken my foot, but I did have to have an operation resulting in two parts of my toe nail being removed,” he said sanguinely.

It comes after fired Apprentice contestant Marianne Rawlins hit out the BBC show for only airing her furious comments to Ryan-Mark and not him “screaming” at her in an explosive row.

The fired Apprentice star was covered in blood

A pal said he was more annoyed about the loss of his caviar

The US-born risk management consultant, 36, became embroiled in the to-do in last week’s episode, but the argument was left on the cutting room floor.

Ryan-Mark, 19, told us earlier this week that Marianne had a “personal vendetta” against him and branded their relationship “toxic”.

He revealed that Marianne “ticked him off” in the car and that he “lost it” with her.

However Marianne has refuted his claims that she had a vendetta against him and insisted that she “didn’t even dislike him”.

Ryan-Mark clashed with Marianne on the show before he was fired

“I just think he’s a very rude and inconsiderate individual,” she told us.

Probed on the reason why it was edited out, she said: “You know, I don’t know what they were trying to do… but my only challenge to that is if you don’t want to air that that’s fine, but don’t then air my response.

“It was the next day when I told him that maybe there’s a disconnect between you and the party.”

She added: “I didn’t like that, I think that was a little unfair.”

*The Apprentice returns next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One


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