Antony Gormley may be privileged but his art is universal | Letter

Skye Sherwin, in her review of Antony Gormley’s retrospective at the Royal Academy (17 September), suggests that “in using his own body, he unavoidably presents himself as an everyhuman to whom we are all asked, impossibly, to relate”. She also describes his sculpture as “pseudo-democratic” because Gormley is a white man from a privileged background. His sculptures are men. I’m a woman. Is this meant to be a problem? Can I ask how she would go about choosing an appropriate artist to whom we might all relate? I don’t know enough about Gormley to distinguish him from other artists from other backgrounds, but just as I would hate to think that a non-white woman from an underprivileged background is disqualified from enlightening me, I also reject the assumption that he is.
Kate Fahy

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