Anthony Joshua backed to show true colours in Tyson Fury build-up

Eddie Hearn feels Anthony Joshua is going to relish the trash talk circus certain to dominate the build-up to his mega-fight with rival Tyson Fury.

The two heavyweights finally have a venue arranged in Saudi Arabia and a date of August 14 confirmed for their eagerly-awaited unification showdown – and there promises to be plenty of drama in the meantime.

Fury is the master of mind games and has had no qualms in the past about singing in his press conferences or turning up in fancy dress.

Not only that but he is also no stranger to exchanging verbal insults – something he and Joshua have been doing for months now as they’ve waited for their blockbuster clash to be finalised – but Hearn believes his man will feel right at home.

“I think you’re going to get a different AJ in this build up. I think he’s excited. Other than the Dillian Whyte fight he’s not really been in that trash talk environment,” the Matchroom promoter told Sky Sports .


Eddie Hearn feels Anthony Joshua will be in his element when the trash talking really starts
Eddie Hearn feels Anthony Joshua will be in his element when the trash talking really starts

“I think he wants to be in that environment. I think he’s got his own plans for Tyson Fury. I think he’s going to enjoy it.

“Tyson Fury’s very good at what he does in and out of the ring, but I think if this fight was made six months ago it might be slightly different.

“AJ’s got the bit between his teeth, goading him, I’m sure these two DM each other, goading each other backwards and forwards. I get DMs from Tyson Fury, sometimes they’re pleasant, sometimes they’re unpleasant.”

Tyson Fury is the master of trash talk and Hearn predicts things will get personal
Tyson Fury is the master of trash talk and Hearn predicts things will get personal

While this contest is very much about Britain’s two best heavyweights facing off, there’s also a clear divide between the promoters of each camp, with Hearn going up against rivals Frank Warren and Bob Arum – Fury’s UK and US representatives, which adds an extra bit of spice into the mix.

The fight hosts in Saudi are even preparing a new specially constructed stadium to stage the bout, with Hearn insisting the deal is sorted despite no official announcement just yet.

“We’re all doing all we can to make this fight and it’s going to be very beneficial to the both of them – not just financially but from a legacy point of view as well,” he continued.

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“But when the announcement comes and the press conferences start I think those pleasantries go away and it becomes a bit personal because it doesn’t matter who respects who, both sides are absolutely desperate to win, because this is everything, this is the undisputed heavyweight world championship.

“There’s no fun and games, there’s no ‘good to see you mate, thanks for sorting this fight’. It’s them and us – war. And AJ will be going to war with Tyson Fury and he has plans to go in there and absolutely demolish him.

“That’s what he’s planning to do and that’s what I believe he’s going to do. In the meantime we’ve got the build-up, which is going to be a lot of fun, and get prepared for the biggest sporting event of 2021.”


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