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Five years after founding ANOTHER ME has evolved in many ways, but my message has remained the same. We have built the brand organically & sustainably, using only natural materials, handmade, mostly homemade, and on-demand. All for the good of the planet. With your order, you secure jobs and livelihoods for families. They are paid fairly and work without pressure and under fair conditions. We have worked with the same people from the beginning and have grown into a small family. The know-how of our partners, the material, craftsmanship, and techniques create security and beautiful unique pieces for you.


After building up my green and slow lifestyle brand ANOTHER ME, this is now the next step to compress all my experiences on a holistic lifestyle on a platform. I see myself as a moderator, educator, networker, and friend who provides food for thought, builds a community for change towards more responsibility for people and the environment, gives tips for sustainable products, initiates dialogues with interesting people, and accompanies people on their way to a (self-)conscious life. Always with the one big goal: well-being.

Happiness is the unbelievable inner strength that arises when I decide for myself to live MYSELF. Do you also live your true self or are you the conditioning of your childhood or your environment? Everything is subject to the resonance principle of cause and effect. What nourishes your body, what nourishes your thoughts, how do you get back to your intuition? What vitamins does your body really need and who are you? In my view, with all the things we know today, personal responsibility is the only way to well-being. Only when I have put my little world in order do I have enough strength to take care of others.

‘HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE ist eine dynamische MIND-MAG -Community voller Impulsgeber mit Antworten auf die Fragen: Was gibt Kraft? Welche Ernährung tut gut? Bin ich ein Tagesser? Welche Bewegung passt zu mir? Bin ich ein Energiebündel? Unsere Coaches und Experten begleiten die Kunden durch individuelle selflove check-ins auf Grundlage der wissenschaftlich fundierten Human Design-Methode auf dem Weg zum eigenen Selbst – weg von Konditionierungen und äußeren Bestimmungen hin zu intuitivem Handeln. Hierbei geht es nicht um pauschale astrologische Muster, sondern um das Herausfinden individueller Typologien durch persönliche Analyse (Readings) und entsprechend personalisierte Angebote (Newsletter).


HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE is a dynamic MIND-MAG community full of impulse providers with answers to the questions: What gives you strength? What kind of nutrition is good for me? Am I a day eater? What kind of exercise suits me? Am I a bundle of energy? Our coaches and experts accompany clients through individual selflove check-ins based on the scientifically founded Human Design Method on the path to their own self – away from conditioning and external regulations towards intuitive action. This is not about all-applicable astrological patterns, but about finding out individual typologies through personal analysis (readings) and correspondingly personalised offers (newsletters).

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