Anne Hathaway Has the Most Relatable Response About Her Biggest Motherhood Challenges

During a remote appearance on Jimmy Kimmel‘s late-night show in October, the actress explained her method for keeping her “family safe” when stay-at-home orders were initially enforced. 

“You know those little magical thoughts that you have that kind of keep you going, keep your anxiety at bay?” Anne asked the host, adding, “You’re just like, ‘As long as I do this thing, everything’s gonna be fine.”

“I decided that it would keep my family safe if I put tape around all of our light switches and our doorknobs,” she shared.

She later admitted, “That wasn’t even the stupidest thing that I did.”

Her tape idea wasn’t the only thing she did to navigate this new normal. “I was so I think freaked out about everything that I convinced myself that if I just wore a pair of sensible heels, everything would be fine,” she explained. “Why am I saying this stuff out loud on your show?”

As the saying goes: Celebs, they’re just like us!


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