Anna Wintour gets additional title with Condé Nast

Vogue editor-in-chief and Condé Nast artistic director Anna Wintour just got an additional title added in her job description. Wintour will now be global content advisor for Condé Nast, with new duties including overseeing Vogue International, in addition to advising executives on global content opportunities.

Condé Nast’s new CEO, Rogery Lynch, added to Wintour’s duties as part of a company restructuring as part of the merger between Condé Nast and Condé Nast International. Wintour will be joined on the new global content team alongside fellow Condé Nast editor-in-chief David Remnick of The New Yorker, and Oren Katzeff, president of Condé Nast Entertainment.

“One of my top priorities has been to define our organizational structure so that we can take full advantage of our unique growth opportunities and exceptional content around the world,” Lynch said in an official statement. “I’m confident that our new global structure will better enable us to collaborate across teams and markets and, ultimately, deliver unparalleled experiences for our consumers and clients.”

Wintour and Remnick are two of Condé Nast’s longest serving editors and have a star rolodex of talent and connections that are essential to the company. The two most famous editors at Condé Nast won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, and will see Condé Nast into a new era that includes more digital and video.


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