Home politics Angry heckler says Biden is 'stealing' US election as he storms press conference

Angry heckler says Biden is 'stealing' US election as he storms press conference

Angry heckler says Biden is 'stealing' US election as he storms press conference

A heckler stormed a press conference in Nevada claiming Joe Biden was “stealing” the presidential election.

Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria was explaining the process of counting ballots during the briefing on Wednesday, when an apparently disgruntled Donald Trump supporter appeared from behind him.

Wearing a tank top which said ‘BBQ, Beer, Freedom’ and cargo shorts, the man angrily repeated over and over: “The Biden crime family’s stealing this election, the media’s covering it up!”

He then switched to say: “We want our freedom from the world! Give us our freedom, Joe Biden! Biden’s covering up this election! He’s stealing it!”

A heckler briefly interrupted Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria during his press conference

Camera crew in face masks watched on in bewilderment, with one person moving in front of the heckler before he turned round and walked back out of the conference suite.

With millions of legitimate ballots left to count, incumbent President Trump was declaring an unsupported victory within a couple of hours of the first polls closing.

During a speech on Tuesday night he suggested “major fraud on our nation”, and added he would take the election results to the Supreme Court.

The man claimed Joe Biden was “stealing” the election

Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria was bewildered

The United States woke up on Wednesday without a clear winner, as millions of ballots continue to be counted in crucial swing states that will ultimately decide what is a far narrower victory than polls had suggested.

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Trump has continued to sow doubt around the electoral process, falsely declaring that delays in declaring a winner are evidence of wide-scale voter fraud.

The coronavirus pandemic saw a record number of voters turning to mail-in ballots, which could take days to count in some of the critical states.

Donald Trump has continually insinuated the election has been fraudulent

The Republican leader has wrongly stated that this in itself is undemocratic and illegal, likely fuelled by the assumption many such votes – particularly in vital Rust Belt states like Pennsylvania – could be for Democrat Biden.

The Trump campaign has even filed a lawsuit to stop the count in Michigan, demanding “meaningful access to numerous counting locations” to observe the process and a review of ballots that had already been counted.

In Nevada, counting may continue into the end of the week but Mr Gloria assured reporters elections staff are working hard to finish counting ballots in his county, which includes the city of Las Vegas.

Protestors call for every vote to be counted

Volunteer election workers have been counting ballots around the clock

All in-person early voting and Election Day ballots have been counted, he said.

But mail ballots dropped off at voting centres on Tuesday, as well as mail ballots still being delivered, provisional ballots, electronic ballots from residents who are overseas or disabled, and special ballots for new residents still need to be counted.

Biden holds a slim lead over Trump in Nevada, 49.33% of the vote to 48.69%, as of the most recent update.

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The state’s six electoral votes could be instrumental in deciding who gains a 270-vote majority in the Electoral College.

Mail ballots can still be counted through November 10 if they are postmarked on Election Day.



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