Angry couple demand apology from school after greasy gate stained their coats

The Webbs want the school to say sorry over the incident which ruined their warm coats (Pictures: StokeonTrentLive/ BPM Media)

An angry couple have demanded a school apologies after their winter coats were ruined on a greasy gate while they were out walking their dogs.

Helen and Philip Webb accidentally came into contact with the gate as they went out for a lockdown stroll in Stoke.

They only realised the presence of the grease when they got home and were shocked by the damage it caused.

They took the coats to a dry cleaners but heard there was ‘no way it would come out’. Now they have bought raincoats to wear outside instead – but they have to also wear fleeces underneath to stay warm.

The Webbs, of Mount Pleasant in Newcastle-under-Lyme, were in Palmer’s Way when they moved to one side to let another pedestrian pass them by.

They told StokeonTrentLive they must have touched a gate leading to the playing field at independent Newcastle-under-Lyme School, which left their coats covered in grease.

Philip, 75, said: ‘With this social distancing we stepped back towards the railings to let other people pass because we had the dogs.

Grease that is proving impossible to remove has got on both Helen and Philip’s coats (Pictures: StokeonTrentLive/ BPM Media)

‘We didn’t know about the grease until we were walking back and Helen said “you’ve got grease all down your coat”. She turned around and she had got it down her coat as well.

‘I am upset and angry because they were perfectly good coats until this happened. It’s an annoyance that the school hasn’t accepted responsibility.

‘In our view, it is their responsibility because it’s part of the school grounds. It separates the playing fields from the footpath. We’d like a reply from the school and an apology.’

It is understood the school denies responsibility for the grease on the gate.

But Philip and Helen, 73, think the school applied the grease in an attempt to stop trespassers getting onto the playing field.

Newcastle-upon-Lyme School should take responsibility and apologise, the Webbs say (Pictures: StokeonTrentLive/ BPM Media)

Helen said: ‘We feel really annoyed. At first I was expecting them to reimburse us with the money for the coats. But since it’s gone on I’m more angry. It’s not good enough for a school as big as them.

‘I am disappointed with how the school has handled the situation. The stains are quite visible. There’s no way you could wear them.

‘That same afternoon we went to the dry cleaners and they said it was like axle grease and there was no way it would come out.’

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