AND Digital and Drax partner on fleet management platform

UK-based renewable energy company Drax has announced a new electric vehicle (EV) fleet management platform with AND Digital.

The ‘My Electric Vehicles’ platform simplifies and supports organisations with their EV fleet management.

It’s hoped the simplicity of the solution will encourage those still using diesel powered fleet vehicles to make the switch to new electric alternatives.

The platform provides detailed information on where EV charge points are located across the UK via an interactive map.

AND Digital has supported the building of the fleet management platform that provides organisational fleet managers with tools to efficiently manage an EV fleet.

Additionally, the platform gives fleet managers access to real time data on energy consumption, CO2 savings and running costs.

Commenting on the partnership, Adam Hall, Director of Energy Services for Drax, said: “The help and expertise that AND Digital brought to the creation and launch of Drax’s new My Electric Vehicles portal was invaluable in helping us to develop a portal that provides data and insights not available anywhere else in the market.

“The data and insight available will allow our customers to make the most informed decisions about their fleet in real time.”

As well as helping organisations to monitor their fleets in real time, the platform also provides an eco-safety score.

This can be used to fine-tune driver actions and routes whilst on the road – supporting organisations in reducing their carbon footprint significantly.

Amol Punekar, AND Digital Club Executive and Head of Business Unit, added: “AND Digital was founded on the basis that each individual is not only responsible for developing great tech, but for ensuring that the tech that is created has a wider societal impact.

“The My Electric Vehicles platform is a great example of how we’ve managed to harness the skills and knowledge of our ANDis (the collective term we use for our people); applied them to a pressing global issue; and worked collaboratively with a client to create a game-changing piece of technology.”


Punekar continued: “As a company we’re making good progress on reaching one of our central missions: to support clients in developing tech that improves the lives of two-hundred million people by 2025.

“By working with Drax on this project, we’ve supported the company in delivering a new digital solution that will empower organisations to contribute positively towards the UK’s zero carbon target.

“We believe that by simplifying the management of EVs, we can push many more companies past the EV adoption tipping point sooner rather than later.”

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