An empowering new campaign shows members of the transgender and non-binary community using period underwear, because 'menstruation has no gender'

In a huge step for inclusivity when it comes to menstruation, period underwear brand Pantys has launched its first line designed with the needs of transgender and non-binary people at the forefront.

Named The Boxer and designed for anyone who isn’t comfortable wearing more feminine menstrual products – no matter how you identify – the latest addition to the Pantys line is intended to open up the conversation around how we view menstruation, and the importance of adapting products for everyone’s needs.

The brand has been insistent in involving members of the trans community throughout the manufacturing and testing process, to ensure The Boxer serves the people who really need it.

The shorts are made from the same material as Pantys’ other collections, including waterproof fabric to prevent leaks as well as antibacterial and antifungal layers of fabric.

“Menstruation has no gender – it is extremely important to bring health and inclusion to all people who menstruate,” Emily Ewell, CEO and co-founder of Pantys, says. “Our main goal as a brand is to give access to sustainable products for more and more people.

“As the brand progressed, we realised how invisible trans men are in society and understood how we could empower them to be part of the conversation around menstruation.”

“We want everyone to feel welcome during menstruation,” Maria Eduarda Camargo, COO, CFO and co-founder of Pantys, adds. “Today, the menstrual products available on the market are made for women and reinforce the communication designed for a female audience, but this is a serious issue for men who menstruate.

“So, in addition to offering a new product, the Boxer will bring visibility, comfort and functionality to the menstrual cycles of trans men.”

Trans writer and podcaster Jonas Mari – pictured above as a model for The Boxer – has championed the release of menstruation underwear that liberates all who want to buy period products.

“Menstruation limited my freedom, where I could not be or make my own choices in society,” he says. “The Pantys collection is very important and not only for trans men, but for all people who do not feel comfortable with the feminine products.”


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