American baseball star captures ‘Bigfoot’ on remote camera

Here’s ‘Bigfoot’ taking a stroll in Oklahoma (Jordy Mercer/Twitter)

A baseball player over in the US has posted two still images allegedly showing Bigfoot casually strolling across his land.

Jordy Mercer captured remote images of the creature on his property on two separate days – the 18th and 19th of November. The remote cameras were set up to track deer but instead appear to have tagged a meandering Sasquatch.

Mercer’s land is in rural Oklahoma, and the 33-year-old quickly uploaded the photos to Twitter.

‘Anyone know what this is?’ Mercer wrote.

‘Showed up back to back days on my deer camera!’

It’s not entirely clear whether he believes the photos to be genuine, or is just having a bit of a joke with those out there who believe in Bigfoot.

But plenty of commentators were quick to weigh in on the pictures.

Some suggested it was just a hunter out looking for game. But others thought it might be yet more proof of the legendary creature.

Earlier this month, national treasure Sir David Attenborough seemed to clear up the mystery of Bigfoot once and for all.

During his latest series Seven Worlds, One Planet, the 93-year-old recalled myths and legends of ‘human-like monsters’ seen trawling the through the snow of the Himalayas, leaving what were once unexplained footprints in their wake.

‘The forest here, until recently, the least known in the world and outsiders had little idea of what could be hiding in them,’ the broadcaster began.

‘There were stories of human-like monsters, yetis, abominable snowmen who left strange footprints in the snow, but little else.’

David Attenborough says these monkeys helped fuel the myth of the abominable snowman (BBC/PA)

Turns out, Dave had the answer all along.

‘And indeed there are monkeys living in these snowy forests and they’re very strange,’ he continued. ‘Meet the blue-faced golden-coated snub-nosed snow monkey. They are among the heftiest of monkeys.’

Now, we’re not saying that a blue-faced golden-coated snub-nosed snow monkey was running amok over in Oklahoma last week. But we are saying that there’s probably no such thing as Sasquatch.


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