Amazing mini house can be unfolded wherever you fancy in just a couple of hours

Go wherever your truck takes you (Picture: Brette Haus)

This tiny home looks like something from an idyllic film about living simply off the land.

However, it’s actually a portable house, which can be folded up and unfolded and transported on a truck to the next destination.

They’re folded into a cube shape, put onto your moving truck, then are unfolded in as little as a few hours wherever you decide.

Designed by Latvian firm Brette Haus, these houses cost between £16,000 and £45,000.

As you might imagine, the different prices correspond to different sizes, with Compact, Rustic and Urban in the range, from 18 to 108 square metres (193 to 1,162 square feet). You can also choose add-ons which will bring the price up a little more.

Those extras include a dishwasher, an Ikea kitchen, smart home products, and an in-built water heater.

Much like a ‘regular house’, each unit has double-glazing, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and a bedroom.

The folded house fits into a shipping container (Picture: Brette Haus)

They can be connected to sewerage and electricity networks (you might need an expert for this), so you can use your toilet, shower, and electrical appliances.

The way this origami-style house is made means that most countries don’t require a permit to put it down, and they’re recyclable so the eco conscious don’t need to worry.

As well as homes, Brette Haus say these foldable wonders can be used as business spaces, turning unused land into a spot for cafes, offices, or glamping pods.

They say: ‘Our foldable Compact houses can easily adapt to the size of your business. Attach one unit to another and you will get a much bigger construction.

You may need experts to hook it up for sewage and electricity (Picture: Brette Haus)

‘This option allows to create large residential or retail chains similar to townhouses but with a very important benefit – they are movable and can be freely relocated or compactly stored when not needed.

‘A tropical or winter resort, an eco-village, a summer camp, a country shopping area, a food market or any other community.

‘Foldable houses can emerge not only as individual projects but can form new social structures.’

Because the houses fit into shipping containers, they can be delivered in as little as a week (and take around eight weeks to make).

If you’re thinking of quitting the rat race and living small wherever you lay your hat, this could be the perfect option.

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