Amazing Disney-esque fairytale castle on sale for £1.7million

Not bad (Picture: Kennedy News/Nicholas Asplund)

They say a person’s home is their castle, but for just £1.7 million, that could be true.

A ‘magnificent’ castle that looks like it was ripped straight out of a Disney film has hit the market.

Offering the chance to ‘live like Tudor royalty’, it’s got secret passageways, a ‘dungeon’ and a working drawbridge.

The 26-room, five-storey fortress is hidden in the woodlands of Rochester, Michigan, US.

Images show the 60-ton steel structure topped by medieval stone-walled turrets, and there’s even a moat and portcullis protecting the entrance.

Many of the rooms are lined with oak walls and linked by wide staircases from the huge foyer.

Quite the vibe (Picture: Kennedy News/Nicholas Asplund)

The principal bedroom, meanwhile, is utterly opulent with a four-poster bed and its own balcony.

If that’s not enough for you, hidden within the walls of the $2.3million (£1.7million) property is a 50ft-tall spiral staircase that leads from the roof terrace to a secret cave where a Tudor-style bar and wine cellar can be found.

Bit on the nose but OK (Picture: Kennedy News/Nicholas Asplund)

The incredible home was designed by US military engineer James LeBlanc and completed in 1991, thus fulfilling a 22-year-old promise he’d made to build one for his wife Vera because he couldn’t afford a ring when they got engaged.

The six-acre plot is nestled at the rear of a gated community, and the homeowner has to travel through a winding forest littered with things like an iron-sculpted dragon to get to the property.

The castle also comes equipped with seven bathrooms, and a heated garage opposite the castle which is fitted with a toilet and seat from one of the Concorde jets James helped design.

James sold the home six years ago but paid rent to live there until he moved into assisted living in 2019.

Imagine singing your heart out on this stairway (Picture: Kennedy News/Nicholas Asplund)

Estate agents Sotheby’s International Realty listed it on property site Zillow three months ago, but they’re yet to find their ‘king or queen of the castle’ despite being bombarded by viewing requests.

Realtor Mike Kuligowski believes the vacant fortress is perfect for an ‘eccentric’ buyer who dreamed of living in a castle as a child.

Of course there’s a bar (Picture: Kennedy News/Nicholas Asplund)

Mike, who specialises in selling unique homes, said: ‘I was blown away by it. When my client told me he had a castle to sell, I thought “yeah, right”, because a lot of people talk like they’ve got a castle.

‘It’s pretty over-the-top. It feels very much like a castle when you’re in it. It’s a very elaborate and custom-style home. The master bedroom is incredible.

‘When I drove up and saw the working portcullis and the 763lbs front door, I realised he wasn’t joking, and it really was a castle. It’s the sort of thing you dream of as a kid.’

He adds that there’s been a lot of interest from people hoping to use it as a quirky AirBnB or wedding venue, but that’s banned in the gated community, so he’s looking for a committed resident to buy it.

Big enough for you? (Picture: Kennedy News/Nicholas Asplund)

As you might expect, the castle has received a lot of approving attention online, with one social media user commenting: ‘Not just yes, but hell yes.’

Another joked: ‘I can’t imagine the guilt If I were to buy this magnificent place and then just have laundry, magazines and months-old unpaid bills envelope piles sitting around.’

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