Amanda Holden says she sunbathes naked and tried to join Mile High Club

Amanda Holden has revealed what she gets up to her on holidays — and it seems she really likes to let loose when she’s abroad.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge admitted that she sunbathes and swims naked in the privacy of her own villa.

She also shared that she attempted to join the Mile High Club and have sex on a plane with her husband Chris Hughes, but they weren’t successful as too many people would have spotted them.

Speaking on Alan Carr’s Life’s A Beach podcast, Amanda said: “I never wear a bikini on holiday. But I wouldn’t mix with other nudists. There’s a difference.

Amanda Holden has revealed what she gets up to her on holidays
Amanda Holden has revealed what she gets up to her on holidays

“I have served the Sunday lunch naked. But no, I would never get my n*nny out in public. In a private villa, yes.”

When asked if she’d ever had sex on a plane, Amanda answered: “Well, we’ve had a go, but we never quite made it. There’s too much scrutiny.

“Everyone’s watching. There’s no way you can do that.”

Amanda also said she’s not afraid to complain when hotels aren’t up to her standards when she’s on holiday.

Amanda and her husband Chris Hughes
Amanda and her husband Chris Hughes

She went on: “Things that are too cold, too hot. No-one can ever make me a decent cup of coffee. If there’s not an expresso machine in the room, I will always send coffee back.

“All I want is a hot coffee. And please if you’re bringing me toast, don’t wrap it in a napkin, it makes it damp.

“Rubbish views, because you pay extra for views. I’ve looked at walls and car parks and the bottoms of things before. Terrible.

“Not having enough space for the kids. Room service I’ve complained about. The lack of it, the time things take.

She said she sunbathes and swims naked
She said she sunbathes and swims naked

“Sheets that haven’t been done, or you might find something. All of that kind of things. I’m not frightened about anything.

“If you go to a country where they still sort of let smoking around, I can’t stand being on any kind of cigarette smoking floor – I can smell cigarettes a mile off.

“I’m not typically British, in that I’m not frightened to complain, but I do it.”

On the podcast, Amanda called for an inquiry into requirements for Covid testing before international travel after spending more than £2500 on tests for a family holiday to Portugal.

Amanda recently went on holiday to Portugal
Amanda recently went on holiday to Portugal

She said: “Getting there cost over £2500 in tests.

“I don’t want to rant on and on about it, but I think that is taking advantage of the British public.

“I’m in a position where I can afford to chuck that money. It’s awful. It’s a huge amount of money – that is literally chucking it away. Someone’s taking the p***.

She said it was “worth” it, but vowed: “Never again am I paying that amount of money. There should be some kind of inquiry into that.

“It was worth it in the sense that we got away as a family and we were so fortunate to be away. I can’t moan about it because so many other people didn’t get away, and we got home and safe and all of that.”


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