ALP national conference 2021: Labor finalises energy platform for next election – live

Electric vehicle policy announced as as power brokers hash out amendments intended to strengthen support for new gas projects. Follow live updates

2.17am BST

Back to the Labor conference, the most contentious issue leading into the platform conversation, in terms of energy and environment, was the position on gas.

Here is where they landed (without fight on the day)

Labor recognises and supports the critical role that gas plays in the Australian economy. Labor recognises that gas has an important role to play in achieving Labor’s target of net zero emissions by 2050. Labor’s policies will support Australian workers in the gas extraction industry, building on Labor’s legacy of supporting sufficient and affordable gas supply for Australian industry and consumers. This includes support for new gas projects and associated infrastructure, subject to independent approval processes to ensure legitimate community concerns are heard and addressed.

Labor will ensure the industry assesses and manages environmental and other impacts, including on water reserves and co-existence with other agricultural activities, and engages constructively with landholders.

2.15am BST

Scott Morrison also addressed Australian of the Year, Grace Tame’s criticisms in his earlier press conference.

Here is a rundown of what Tame said, while in conversation with Kerry O’Brien for Griffith University overnight, as reported by Murph:

The Australian of the Year, Grace Tame, has criticised Scott Morrison for elevating Amanda Stoker as the new assistant minister for women, declaring that the Queensland senator had supported a “fake rape crisis tour” that inflicted great suffering on survivors.

Tame said Morrison had exhibited either very poor judgment, or cultural calculation, when he elevated the Liberal National party conservative who had conducted public advocacy “aimed at falsifying all counts of sexual abuse on campuses across the nation”.

I wouldn’t share those views. I respect Grace and once again I congratulate her for those strong advocacy on the issues that have been so front of mind, they’ve always been front of mind for people who’ve been doing with these issues over generations and so of course, I respect her contribution.

And I know that Senator Stoker, is particularly keen to work with Grace Tame, as she takes on her new responsibilities.

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