ALP national conference 2021: Anthony Albanese to announce $15bn Covid recovery fund – live

Over more than a century, our policies have evolved, and they’ve modernised with the times. Our cause though, has not changed.

To build our nation and shape it to the benefit of the Australian people, for all our people.

That’s because we understand that no one should be left behind.

And no one held back by a lack of opportunity for a better future.

And no matter what situation Australia is in, no matter what crisis we face, our approach is the same – we get through it together.

And then plan for a brighter tomorrow.

We’re never satisfied with simply muddling through and returning to how things were.

In Australia’s moment of greatest crisis at the height of the second world war, John Curtin led the nation out of military danger then Ben Chifley led into reconstruction.

Their motto – victory in war and victory in peace.

Remember, victory in war and victory in peace.

After triumph, something better.

And I want those inspiring words to be the theme of this conference, as a new world crisis hopefully nears its end.


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