Alleged Chinese spy plot to install Liberal MP investigated by Asio – politics live

What we have sought to do as a government and again this is what Australians care about, is what we do as a government in response to the threats we face.

Our intelligence agencies have publicly revealed before that there is an unprecedented level of foreign interference and activity that they see.

Not just from one country, but indeed, a range of different actions and activities that we have to counter.

That’s why as a government over the years, we have provided those agencies with more resourcing.

We have brought new laws to the parliament to establish the type of protections and frameworks around foreign influence and interference that are necessary and that we have put in place greater protections in terms of certain areas of foreign investment as well.

So, it is critical to know that we’ve taken the steps necessary to date to provide the protection and I am confident that Australia’s democracy is as robust as ever, but also is vibrant and is driven very much by grassroots members of political organisations in Australia engaging in those political activities and we should also note that they come from all walks of life and that it is important on a day like today when we’re talking about these matters of people or other nations that we do welcome new Australians and their involvement in our democracy according to the established values of that democracy.


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