All the Tory MPs calling for Dominic Cummings to quit over lockdown flouting

A string of Tory MPs have called for Dominic Cummings to quit as Boris Johnson’s chief aide over his flouting of lockdown rules.

Mr Cummings is under pressure to resign after the Mirror revealed he, his wife and child had travelled 260 miles from his London home – while his wife had coronavirus symptoms – to stay in a house owned by his parents in Durham.

The government claimed Mr Cummings and his family isolated for 14 days while relatives brought him supplies.

But ministers have refused to deny claims he left that house to go on a trip to Barnard Castle 30 miles away around the end of his 14-day isolation.

At the time, Brits were advised not to drive long distances and to only take a walk, bike ride or cycle if leaving the house for exercise.

Boris Johnson last night defended Mr Cummings’ breach of the advice to “stay at home” and not travel, especially if suffering from the virus.

He claimed the aide “followed the instincts of every father and every parent… and I do not mark him down for that”.

But a string of Tory backbenchers are now turning on the strategy chief, urging him to quit.

Here are all the Tory MPs who are calling for Dominic Cummings to resign so far.

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Steve Baker

“Enough is enough. I and others saved him once before when he was driving Vote Leave to implosion. Not today. Dominic Cummings must go before he does any more harm to the UK, the Government, the Prime Minister, our institutions or the Conservative Party.

“Time is up. It is time for Dom to resign so Boris can govern within the conventions and norms which will see us through. It is time to get competing expert advice, decent software and better decisions, end the lockdown and start a long, hard recovery.”

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Peter Bone

The Tory Brexiteer said Mr Cummings “has to go” because he broke the rules and has not apologised.

Speaking on Nigel Farage’s show on LBC, he said: “When an adviser becomes the story, the adviser has to go. Boris Johnson can carry on without Dominic Cummings if he goes but it will be hard if he stays.”

Damian Collins

“Dominic Cummings has a track record of believing that the rules don’t apply to him and treating the scrutiny that should come to anyone in a position of authority with contempt. The government would be better without him.”

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Sir Roger Gale

“While as a father and as a grandfather I fully appreciate Mr Cummings’ desire to protect his child. There cannot be one law for the Prime Minister’s staff and another for everyone else.

“He has sent out completely the wrong message and his position is no longer tenable.”

James Gray

“Unless and until he can justify what he did, he should face the consequences of it and give up his role as a government adviser. Having him continuing at the heart of government undermines our credibility and the strength of our message.”

Robert Goodwill

The Tory MP sent an e-mail to a constituent saying Dominic Cummings’ position is untenable.

Simon Hoare

“With the damage Mr Cummings is doing to the Government’s reputation he must consider his position. Lockdown has had its challenges for everyone. It’s his cavalier “I don’t care; I’m cleverer than you” tone that infuriates people. He is now wounding the PM/Govt & I don’t like that”

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Andrew Jones

The Harrogate Advertiser reported he wrote to constituents saying: “It seems clear to me that Mr Cummings has broken the guidelines which we were and are all expected to follow. For that reason I think that he should resign and if he does not do so then he should be dismissed.”

Tim Loughton

Told the BBC the defence of Mr Cummings is “deeply damaging” and “is seriously compromising” the government’s public health advice.

Saying he’s been “swamped” by e-mails he condemned Boris Johnson, telling the BBC: “What I wanted to hear was a proper justification of why what Dominic Cummings did was fine.

“I fear I didn’t get that and what’s more worrying is my constituents didn’t get that.”

Paul Maynard

He said he shared people’s “dismay” at the response, adding: “It is a classic case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ – and it is not as if he was unfamiliar with guidance he himself helped draw up. It seems to me to be utterly indefensible and his position wholly untenable.”

Jason McCartney

He said while it was important for people to show compassion during the crisis, Mr Cummings had to go because the “perceived hypocrisy of the rule makers potentially threatens the success of any future measures” under a second wave of the coronavirus.

“We must have confidence that we are doing the right things for the right reasons and that we are all truly in it together. For that reason I believe Mr Cummings’ position is now untenable,” Mr McCartney said in a Facebook post.

Caroline Nokes

“I made my views clear to my whip yesterday. There cannot be one rule for most of us and wriggle room for others. My inbox is rammed with very angry constituents and I do not blame them. They have made difficult sacrifices over the course of the last 9 weeks.”

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Julian Sturdy

“I don’t think this can go on much longer. It is damaging the Government’s reputation. You can’t have one rule for Government advisers and one for everyone else. His future does seem to look more and more untenable moving forward. The Prime Minister needs to clarify Mr Cummings’ position in a statement as soon as possible.”

Robert Syms

The Poole MP tweeted: “The Government has to explain test, track and trace and the next phase of lifting lockdown next week. Whatever the merits of a Government adviser, they should never be the story or it detracts from the central message which is to get us out of this crisis. The adviser should go.”

Martin Vickers

David Warburton

Tory MP David Warburton said his own father died alone as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, and the Dominic Cummings story gives an impression of “double standards”.

He told BBC Breakfast: “People have made sacrifices… Instinct hasn’t really been part of it.” He added: “Ideally, if he broke the rules then he obviously should be subject to the same kind of consequences as anybody else who broke the rules… To me, enough is really enough, I think he’s damaging the Government and the country that he’s supposed to be serving.”

Craig Whittaker

“I totally agree that Dominic Cummings position is untenable. I’m sure he took the decision in the best interests of his family but like every decision we take we also have to take responsibility for those decisions. You cannot advise the nation one thing then do the opposite.”

William Wragg

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MPs who’ve voiced criticism but not explicitly called for him to go:

Damian Green

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