Alien warning: Extraterrestrials could destroy humanity with advanced technology

One expert believes that, by judging how much time has passed in the Universe, humans are fairly newcomers. By this reasoning, aliens, if they are out there, would have had much more time to evolve than we have and thus their technological capabilities would be far greater than humanity’s. This has led one expert to the conclusion that humans should not contact aliens, as it could lead to the end of life on Earth, comparing a battle between soldiers from World War I and the current US Military.

Since World War 1, nuclear bombs, supersonic jets, ballistic missiles, satellite navigation and the internet, to name just a few advancements, have been created.

In other words, the rifles of the Great War stand little to no chance against modern technology.

Applying this to a more galactic scale, humans would be the first world war soldiers against advanced aliens.

Journalist Bryan Walsh, author of the new book End Times which analyses the existential threats facing humanity, wrote in his new book: “Humans and aliens are likely to be separated not merely by gulfs of space but time as well.

“If extraterrestrial civilisations have rates of development anything like human beings – meaning rapid technological growth following industrialisation – a head start of just a century could be enough to create a massive military gap, akin to the difference between a World War I-era army and the modern US Military.”

Hammering home the point of just how much more time potential aliens would have had to evolve more than us, Mr Walsh said: “We Homo sapiens only developed the ability to send and receive space signals, and therefore be capable of making contact, less than a hundred years ago, but the Universe has existed for about 140 million times longer.”

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The late Stephen Hawking also suggested it might be risky contacting aliens, giving the example in his final book of when Europeans encountered native Americans, and almost killed them off in order to conquer the New World.

Prof Hawking wrote in Brief Answers To The Big Questions: “Breakthrough Message is an international competition to create messages that could be read by an advanced civilisation.

“But we need to be wary of answering back until we have developed a bit further.

“Meeting a more advanced civilisation, at our present stage, might be a bit like the original inhabitants of America meeting Columbus – and I don’t think they thought they were better off for it.”

The Brief History of Time author also said in an online film titled ‘Stephen Hawking’s Favourite Places’ that we would potentially be vastly inferior to an alien race which has the technology to reach Earth.

In the film he said: “If so, they will be vastly more powerful and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.”



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