Alexandra Burke finally addresses that cringe-worthy Elephant in the Room comment

During an appearance on ITV’s Daybreak nine years ago, Alexandra Burke declared that she brought the phrase ‘elephant in the room’ to the UK

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Alexandra Burke claims responsibility for well-known expression

Alexandra Burke has finally addressed the comment she made on ITV show Daybreak that led to the iconic Elephant in the Room meme.

In a 2012 appearance on the daytime show, the X Factor star accidentally took credit for bringing the phrase ‘elephant in the room’ to the UK.

Speaking at the time, Alexandra said: “It’s a metaphor. I was going through a situation last year when I was dating someone and it just wasn’t going according to plan.

“Nobody wanted to talk about it and there was an elephant in the room.

“I’ve never heard of the saying before until I did my writing camp for the album, its a very American saying so I thought why not be the first person to bring it over there and make it into a song?”

Alexandra claimed that she had brought the phrase ‘elephant in the room’ to the UK



Speaking to Tyla, Alexandra laughed about the mix-up, saying: “Yeah, it’s quite funny! It makes people smile.”

Referring to Instagram account @loveofhuns who like to bring up the iconic moment, she continued: “It’s such a light-hearted page to make people laugh, which is what we’ve all really needed over the last year or so.

“We all need to have a good laugh, and if an Instagram page can provide that to people, then we’re all winning at life!”

Alexandra recently made headlines when it was revealed she couldve been a star from the age of 12, as she was offered a record deal from Stevie Wonder.

The singer’s mum, the late Melissa Bell, turned down the deal in order to protect Alexandra’s childhood.

The 33-year-old said that she thought her mum made “the right decision” by allowing her to remain a child.

Alexandra Burke with mother Melissa Bell


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Speaking to MailOnline, Alexandra said: “My mum made the right decision. She always believed kids should be kids, to be able to go to school, be with your friends at the cinema and theme park.

“And not to ever take that from a child because you won’t get those years back.”

Alexandra elaborated that she had ‘gotten a taste’ of the realities of the music world as she watched her Soul II Soul singer mother navigate the industry.

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