Alexander Zverev explains why Roger Federer’s account of ATP Finals court speed differs to his

Federer and Zverev gave different accounts of the courts (Picture: Getty)

Eyebrows have been raised at players’ assessments of the ATP Finals courts.

Roger Federer claimed the court is ‘slower’ than other indoor hard court events, while Alexander Zverev branded it as one of the ‘quicker courts’ on the ATP Tour.

But the German has gone on to explain the ‘weird’ nature of the court can lead to different accounts, while joking Federer’s desire for as fast a court as possible is clouding his judgement.

After defeating Marin Cilic 7-6 (7-5) 7-6 (7-1) on Monday afternoon, he said on court: ‘It’s very fast. Definitely one of the quicker courts that we have on tour.

Zverev offered his assessment (Picture: AFP/Getty)

‘It’s different from Paris, also in Paris it was fast but low bounce, here it’s kind of quick and high bounce. It’s a mixture of both. All games fit here but it’s tough to find your rhythm on it.’

Zverev’s account appeared somewhat at odds with Federer’s description of the court speed after his defeat to Kei Nishikori.

‘I think it plays different or it’s definitely slower than I think the last three tournaments that I’ve played,’ the world No. 3 said.

Federer’s account of the court was different (Picture: Getty)

‘So I think everybody’s making a minor adjustment, you know. So am I.’

When asked why he thought Federer’s account differed from his, Zverev responded: ‘The court is very weird. When you hit it flat and hard like Cilic does, the court is very fast.

‘When you hit it with more topspin, the court takes it away and it bounces up. It’s more different than other tournaments. For me, it is pretty quick.’

After a brief pause and with a wry smile, he then joked: ‘Also Roger wants to play on the fastest court possible, I guess.’

Anderson gave his assessment (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Kevin Anderson agreed with Federer’s assessment that the court is slower than in Paris, however, he, like Zverev, alluded to a higher bounce.

The South African said after beating Dominic Thiem: ‘Obviously it’s indoor tennis, so it’s going to be on the quicker side. But the court’s playing great.

‘You know, it feels maybe a little bit slower than Paris, but all in all, you know, I feel pretty well-adjusted to conditions now. It’s definitely taking the serve nicely.

‘It’s still bounces up, though, as well, so that’s always a good sign for me.’

Cilic hasn’t noticed a difference (Picture: Getty)

Cilic, meanwhile, belives there is little difference in how the court plays this year from 2017.

The Croat said: ‘I don’t know. I felt also quite good when I was practising on the court. I think this kind of court is also, when you get a few matches on it, when it gets used, it’s becoming a bit quicker. So, I think it’s just normal.

‘I don’t think it is much different from last year, it is more or less the same. It can vary from the air conditioning inside the stadium. Generally, it plays quite the same.’


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