Aldi shoppers fighting and pushing to get hands on Kevin the Carrot toys after queuing since 6.30am 

ALDI shoppers are fighting their way through stores to get their hands on Kevin the Carrot toys after queuing in the cold and dark from 6.30am.

One shopper tweeted to say he had to fight his way into the shop, with people pushing and shoving to get to the middle aisle.

 One shopper said shoppers were "fighting" over Kevin the Carrot


One shopper said shoppers were “fighting” over Kevin the CarrotCredit: @Cravendale

He tweeted: “Had to fight my way out before getting hurt, people were literally pushing and shoving, couldn’t get out once I had gotten stuff, started handing stuff to those who couldn’t get in.”

He also put up a video on Twitter showing the in store brawl.

Another shopper reported the toys being snatched out of people’s hands and trolleys being used “as weapons”.

She tweeted: @AldiUK I was waiting outside your Laird street store, when I see three members of your staff in the front of the queue.




 Shoppers have had to fight through the crowds to get hold of Kevin and his cuddly pals


Shoppers have had to fight through the crowds to get hold of Kevin and his cuddly pals

“As soon as the doors opened all three used trolleys as weapons and all three trolleys were filled with kevin the carrot items. One even snatched an item from another lady.”

Another wrote: “I just saw a woman clutching a 3ft long stuffed carrot leaving Aldi and thought it can’t be true.

“Then inside there were a dozen people fighting over more of them. The world has gone mad.”

Someone else added: “This is not a drill, there are people in Aldi fighting over Kevin the Carrot toys!”

Another said: “Can’t actually believe I nearly had a fight in Aldi over a Kevin the Carrot.”

Aldi says the demand for Kevin has been “unprecedented”.

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot Christmas range 2019

FANCY getting your hands on the new Kevin the Carrot merchandise?

Here’s everything you’ll find in stores and online.

  • Kevin the Carrot inflatable snowglobe (online only) – £49.99
  • Kevin the Carrot ladies pyjamas – £9.99
  • Kevin the Carrot men’s pyjamas – £9.99
  • Kevin the Carrot children’s pyjamas – £4.99
  • Kevin the Carrot children’s Christmas jumper – £8.99
  • Kevin the Carrot plush – £3.99
  • Katie the Carrot plush – £3.99
  • Carrot kids plush – £3.99
  • Tiny Tom plush – £3.99
  • Russell Sprout plush – £3.99
  • Kevin the Carrot Christmas tree decorations – £2.99
  • Giant Kevin the Carrot – £19.99
  • Giant Katie the Carrot – £19.99
  • Kevin the Carrot Christmas book – £2.99
  • Kevin the Carrot gift mug – £2.99
  • Kevin the Carrot Christmas crackers – £1.99
  • Kevin the Carrot Christmas cards – £1.99
  • Kevin the Carrot Christmas wrapping paper – £1.99
  • Kevin the Carrot stationary – £1.99

One person commented on the Aldi shoppers UK Facebook group that around 100 people were in the queue waiting for the store to open.

She wrote: “My Husband is 7th in the queue and guesses about 100 behind him! Only going for a Kevin, tomato and Sprout for our three-year-old.”

Another person reckoned there were about 70 people waiting outside their local store. They wrote in the Facebook group: “Got my message people went crazy for Kevin and other toys c.70 were outside our Aldi my partner said.”



 Shoppers have been queuing since 6.30am to buy Kevin


Shoppers have been queuing since 6.30am to buy Kevin

Other shoppers posted pictures of themselves waiting in the cold and dark from 6.30am to get their hands on the toy.

One tweeted at 6.37am: “Fourth-year running sat outside @AldiUK hours before the store opens on aunty duties.”

Another tweeted a picture in the dark outside their local store at 7am: “It’s Kevin day @AldiUK @IKevinTheCarrot #KevinTheCarrot”

Someone posted a picture of them in the rain saying: “@blamelewis I’m sitting in my car waiting for Aldi to open. Today is the day Kevin the Carrot merchandise is on sale.”

Another tweeted: “My daughter was up and dressed at 5.55am some wants a Kevin.”

While another shopper said: “My mum and her friend have discussed and planed this day for months. That’s right. The release of Kevin the Carrot. #KevinTheCarrot #aldi #christmas #leafyblinders @AldiUK”

Someone else was grateful to their gran for picking up a Kevin for them: “My gran is just the sweetest human ever. She’s all excited and got up early to go down to Aldi to buy the Kevin the Carrot. We do not deserve grandparents.”

While another person added: “Thanks to the store manager @AldiUK Whitley Bay (near the Ice Rink).

“He let us stand in the front of the store when it was raining this morning waiting for Kevin the Carrot soft toys. Giving out mince pies as well #KevinTheCarrot #greatservice”

Other shoppers report being left empty handed though, with shelves quickly being cleared. One wrote: “I would like to complain about Kevin the carrot and friends in store.

“I have missed out on getting any due to people taking loads and filling up their trolleys. I thought it was restricted to two each per customer.

“I was there at 8am when the store opened. Not happy.”

Another person commented on Facebook: “All sprouts have gone within three minutes of my Aldi opening – lots of carrots left.”

Another wrote: “Blackburn 8.10am – six boxes all gone.”

Someone else added: “Radford Road store in Coventry sold our of sprouts within 20 minutes!”

Kevin the Carrot is the star of the discounter’s circus-themed Christmas advert.

Prices start from £1.99 for Kevin-themed merchandise, with plush toys ranging in price from £3.99 to £49.99 for an inflatable snow globe (online only).

Alongside Kevin is wife Katie and Peaky Blinders’themed Russell Sprout.

The toys went on sale online earlier this week and were quickly being flogged on eBay for hundreds of pounds.

But they only went on sale in stores and shoppers have been lining up for hours in the hope of getting their hands on them.

Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying from Aldi UK said: “Our colleagues opened the doors at 8am this morning and were met with an unprecedented number of customers looking to get their hands on Kevin the Carrot toys and his other friends, including Russell Sprout.

“We know our Kevin the Carrot soft toys and merchandise are incredibly popular with our customers and this year we increased the amount on offer.

“To give as many Kevin fans as possible the chance to buy the range, we have limited purchases to two soft toys per customer, but as with all of our Specialbuys products, once they’re gone, they’re gone.”

Looking for more Christmas goodies? Aldi’s festive range includes a singing and dancing Santa, inflatable snow globe and light-up deer.

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Kevin the Carrot returns in Aldi’s 2019 Christmas advert


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