Aldi opens its first checkout-free store in Greenwich, London

The new store opens today in Greenwich (Picture: DanielGravesPhotography)

You know what’s a lot of faff?

Doing your big food shop and having to go through the process of checking out, whether you’re waiting in a queue or have to keep asking for help because there’s an unexpected item in the bagging area.

These days, supermarkets are trying to save us from this pain by launching checkout-free stores – you’ll likely have spied an Amazon Go shop.

Now, Aldi is hopping on the bandwagon, today opening their first Aldi Shop&Go concept store in Greenwich.

It’s currently open for the public to test out the service (so be prepared for a couple of bumps in the road as Aldi perfect the offering), after having been tested by Aldi workers over the past few months.

The way it works is pretty simple.

You download the Aldi Shop&Go app, enter the store, pick up your items, and then just… walk out.

Download the app, pick up your shopping, then get charged as you leave (Picture: DanielGravesPhotography)

Yes, it will feel like you’ve just done some shoplifting, but once you exit the store you’ll be automatically charged for the shopping, and a receipt will appear in the app.

The system uses specially positioned cameras to detect exactly which products you’ve picked up before charging you the correct amount.

FYI, if you’re buying alcohol, you’ll be able to get your age checked beforehand, too. You confirm your identity through the app and facial age estimation technology does the rest.

Giles Hurley, CEO of Aldi UK and Ireland, said: ‘Today is the culmination of months of work, not least from the team here in Greenwich and I’m looking forward to seeing how customers react to our trial.

Yes, it will feel weird to just walk out (Picture: DanielGravesPhotography)

‘This store utilises the very latest in retail technology offering Aldi’s award-winning products and unbeatable prices to customers in a new and innovative way. The team are really excited about seeing customers come in and experience Aldi Shop&Go.’

Lewis Esparon, Store Manager, added: ‘I cannot wait to show customers our new Aldi Shop&Go store. We have been working towards this day for several months now so it will be great to see how our customers react to the new technology.

‘For us, steps like this are always about improving the customer experience and the whole team are looking forward to being on-hand and ready to help to ensure that experience is as smooth as ever.’

If all goes well, more Aldi locations could end up going checkout-free.

Just remember to bring your tote bag.

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