Lord Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan were once friends – but their furious two-year feud has recently reignited after outrageous tweets and a fight that Piers’ mum was even dragged into

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Two formidable celebrities you wouldn’t like to be in a row with are Lord Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan.

But what happened when the two gobby men locked horns with each other?

A bitter two-year feud is currently still rumbling on after they attempted to bury the hatchet but reignited the fight soon after.

It all began back in 2020, when Piers still hosted Good Morning Britain.

The pair had initially been friends, and traded playful barbs on the show, until Piers fiercely held government ministers to account on his show when the first failings to respond to the pandemic emerged.

Piers Morgan and Lord Alan Sugar were once friends – but their furious row keeps getting worse

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Lord Sugar tweeted: “What minister in their right mind would want to go on @gmb to be abused and bullied by @piersmorgan.”

He also told The Sun: “It’s terrible reporting, I’m sick and tired of him, he’s doing it for his own profile.”

Piers labelled his former friend a “disgrace”, while Alan called him an “obnoxious t***er”.

Alan compared Piers to Hitler, claiming he didn’t really “give a s**t” about the topics he was ranting about, but that he just used them to get people on his side.

When Piers criticised people for sunbathing in the first lockdown, Lord Sugar tweeted: “I can’t for the life of me understand what @piersmorgan is on about in respect to sunbathing.”

To this, Piers replied branding him “reckless and stupid”.

Alan and Piers previously went head to head in 2017 over Donald Trump – but they made up


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When Captain Tom Moore received a knighthood, Piers proclaimed he’d had a part in securing it – something which infuriated Lord Sugar all over again.



Alan even dragged Piers’ mum into the row, writing: “I wonder if Mrs Morgan senior (your mum) is proud of you. You need help. You are a bully.”

To this, the lady in question, Gabrielle Sybille, responded: “I am the proudest Mum in the world. The only journalist doing his job, as you will find out at the end of all this.”

Piers said he would never forgive Alan


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Alan made a jibe about inheritance to Spencer, Piers’ son



Alan then targeted Piers’ son Spencer, asking how he was feeling following his dad’s exit from GMB.

He wrote: “@spencermorgan93 How you feeling sunshine.”

Spencer responded: “Probably better than you old man.”

Alan shot back: “Didn’t daddy tell you that little boys should be seen and not heard. Don’t worry your inheritance is secure he is negotiating his new deal right now.”

Eventually, Piers blocked Alan and banned him from appearing on GMB, which the Apprentice host didn’t take kindly to.

Piers’ mum Gabrielle got dragged into the feud


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“The coward @piersmorgan will not engage with me as he knows I will wipe the floor with him and I am disgusted with @susannareid100 who has become a nodding idol to this idiot,” he seethed.

Piers then told The Sunday Times: “It’s gone way beyond a joke, and for me it’s ruined our friendship.

“I think we’re done as friends. I can’t see through the behaviour.”

After that, Alan claimed Piers had “gone mad” and that he would never make up with him.

“He’s intent on publicising himself,” he added.

Alan targeted Piers’ family



“That’s it. It’s all about him. No one else. He don’t give a monkey’s about anybody really other than himself.”

So the world was surprised to say the least in November 2021, when Piers revealed he’d ended his feud with Alan.

They reconnected for the first time in almost two years, as Piers wrote in his Daily Mail column that he’d “begun to miss the old goat”.

He wrote: “Beneath his gnarly, blunt and often breathtakingly rude exterior, he’s got a good heart,” and explained Lord Sugar wrote him an ‘”incredibly kind letter” when his father had a stroke.

Piers admitted he and his nemesis were “more similar than either of [them] would ever care to admit” and that he thought it would be “two-faced” to cut Alan off for disagreeing with him.

He revealed he’d missed Alan’s wife Ann especially.

Alan’s spokesperson Andrew Block suggested the reconciliation and the Amstrad mogul sent Piers an email.

Piers shared his response to the message, which read: “I’l be honest, I thought you went OTT with the abuse, which got way too personal, obsessive and nasty.

“I was only doing my job of holding the Govt to fierce account for the appalling way they handled the pandemic which cost many thousands of lives.

“But I’ve almost missed you, and I’ve definitely missed Lady Ann, so let’s put it behind us and bury the hatchet. Just let me know which part of your skull you’d like me to bury it in”.’

He added: “In this ever more toxic world in which everyone seems to be falling out with everyone about everything, I’m glad we’ve resolved things.”

But it didn’t last long – just last week, Piers complained that he hadn’t received a knighthood in the 2021 Honours list.

This sparked up the furious row once again, as Lord Sugar, who was knighted in 2000 and made a life peer in 2009, responded: “Knight’s are a very elite circle of people [sic].

“The problem is your head is so far up in the clouds the queen would not be able to tap you with the sword, she maybe tempted to ram it where the sun does not shine.”

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