Advertisers in South East Asia are funneling more ad dollars into mobile video advertising

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen advertisers spend more on mobile video advertising to target people in lockdown and staying at home.

Video ad spending grew by 65% in 2020 as advertisers in consumer goods, gaming and financial services industries invested in mobile video advertising, according to a new report by InMobi.

“Mobile devices are now able to deliver a near-seamless video experience to users, which is especially significant in Southeast Asia due to the size of the market here,” said Rishi Bedi, vice president of South East Asia, Japan and Korea at InMobi.

“Brands are realising the inherent potential of video marketing in creating real connections with their customers. From orientation and timing to targeting and placement, adopting the right programmatic video ad strategy will be crucial for companies to stand out in the eyes of the mobile-first consumer.”

What did the report find?


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